Return of the Zombie Hyssop

Two years ago I had a blast when the herb anise hyssop showed up in our shares and mine turned out to be unkillable. “When you bring your bundle home, trim the last half-inch of stem off, and keep in a jar of water in a cool spot in your kitchen,” Moriah suggested. “It will last a week that way in hot weather, and it may even put down roots.”

week? After a month, I named mine Victoria and proclaimed it some kind of vampire. The hyssop almost made it till Labor Day before succumbing to the ravages of me disappearing on vacation.

But! Thanks to last week’s herb selection, I have a new hyssop! If this one lasts another week it will also need a name …


RIP Victoria, Beloved Zombie Hyssop

I went out of town last weekend and returned to a tragedy: Victoria, the zombie hyssop I acquired way back in week 2, finally succumbed to the ravages of mortality.

She was doing just fine earlier in the month, perkily sharing her age-defying tips with a batch of mint I strategically placed nearby. But apparently Victoria couldn’t handle my absence: I left a relatively vibrant green plant and returned to a desiccated leaf-dropping stem.

I’m wearing a black armband this week to commemorate the loss. Kristen, can we have another petexotic planting again soon!? -Stacy Cowley

Attack of the Spikey Garlic Flowers

OKRA! Not to knock kale, but sometimes a gal’s gotta eat something other than leafy greens. So I was excited to crack this week’s share and find the okra.

Only problem: I’ve never cooked okra before. I hit up epicurious for suggestions.

Some went straight out the window. No way am I deep frying in 100-degree heat.

But succotash sounded manageable, and would let me take advantage of the corn that just started showing up at the farmers’ markets. Also: the garlic flowers!

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