Our CSA is CNN-Famous



Red Hook CSA member Stacy Cowley  has been chronicling her battle with the CSA bounty on CNN’s Eatocracy blog.

She says Red Hook-specific versions of these columns are coming our way. Until then, check out her latest entry featuring purslane.


Operation Veggie Decimation

Week 3: The vegetables are winning.

At the start of the CSA season, my fridge’s crisper drawers were almost bare. Less than a month in, they’re already overflowing. So my plan for this week was to cut a swathe through the stockpile. A recipe uses just one or two veggies? Not good enough! I demand dinners that consume at least five! six! DOZENS!

I decided Step One was to take down the beets — along with a pair of turnips that had been hanging out in my fridge since March. Turnips are apparently indestructible; I can see why people would toss these things in root cellars and live off them for years.

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A Tale of Garlic Scapes and Vegetarians

First share, first share! By week 10 I’ll have collards stacked neck-high in the fridge and be eying all leafy greens with trepidation, but right now — after a particularly long stretch of subsisting on takeout tacos — I’m thrilled to stock up and start cooking again.

Plus, we started off with one of my favorite things: Garlic scapes. Being a garlic freak, I love these, and they’re something I never encountered until I moved to NYC and started visiting farmer’s markets. For something so seasonal, they’re also remarkably durable: I’ve stashed them in my fridge for a month or two and they’ve held up fine.

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Hailstorm Collard Gratin

Most of us have probably already heard about the devastation the hail storm unleashed on the farm; NY1 has a report from the scene.

When I went Saturday to pick up my share at the Harvest Fest (LIVE CHICKENS! I was like a little kid when I spotted them; I’ve probably never been that close to a live chicken before. They are way cuter than pigeons.), I saw the giant bins of shredded “take me I’m free” collards and chard. It’s heartbreaking to see so much of the crop torn down — but I wanted to take a stab at putting at least a bit of it to use. So I loaded up a bag with mangled chard, and set out to find a recipe that would make use of odds-and-ends bits.

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Stacy vs. Her Nemesis: Tomatoes

I have a confession that will get me tossed out of the foodie ranks: I don’t like tomatoes.

I like things made with tomatoes, like pasta sauce and ketchup. I like sun-dried tomatoes. I even like bruschetta. What I can’t stand is actual, raw, squishy and oozy chunks of tomato.

It’s a texture thing, I think. Tomatoes sploosh in a way that sends “yeek spoiled bad don’t eat!” signals off to the reactionary lizard parts of my brain.
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RIP Victoria, Beloved Zombie Hyssop

I went out of town last weekend and returned to a tragedy: Victoria, the zombie hyssop I acquired way back in week 2, finally succumbed to the ravages of mortality.

She was doing just fine earlier in the month, perkily sharing her age-defying tips with a batch of mint I strategically placed nearby. But apparently Victoria couldn’t handle my absence: I left a relatively vibrant green plant and returned to a desiccated leaf-dropping stem.

I’m wearing a black armband this week to commemorate the loss. Kristen, can we have another petexotic planting again soon!? -Stacy Cowley