A Bad Case of the Apples

Thanks to the bounty of the fruit share, I (like the rest of you) have more apples than I can in a month. This is a great opportunity to preserve them via freezing and canning, so I don’t have to waste anything. I like to make a big batch of applesauce, save some, and turn the rest into apple butter. First up, an easy recipe for bright pink applesauce.  – Moriah Simmons Continue reading


Apple Butter

apple butterNow that we’ve got a batch of applesauce, let’s go a little further and turn it into apple butter. Have you had apple butter? It contains no actual butter (vegans rejoice!), just apples, spices, and sugar. This is a silky, spicy spread that can be slathered on toast for a quick breakfast or spooned into prebaked tart shells for an elegant dessert. -Moriah Simmons Continue reading

Spiced Pickled Pears

Pears pickled with spices

I can hardly believe the CSA season is drawing to a close–especially since I still have remnants of previous weeks’ fruits and vegetables lurking in the fridge!  I’m preserving what I can, including the pears from last week’s fruit share. This is an adaptation of a recipe in Lianna Krissoff’s book Canning for a New Generation, which is a lovely seasonally-organized guide to home preserving. These sweet-and-sour pears will join the summer’s radishes and cucumbers as part of a pickle plate before Thanksgiving dinner, and I’ll make some into a relish to serve with roast pork this winter. Read on for the recipe. –Moriah Simmons Continue reading

Of Peaches, Preserving and Star Trek

As a kid, I grew up pickling and canning and shucking and hulling. In fact, that’s where my deep love for Star Trek comes from.

Every summer day at 5 p.m., my mom would turn the TV on to Star Trek (the original; I am that old) and we would sit together and snap beans or shell peas. It’s one of my most vivid and cherished childhood memories. (Except when the “Doomsday Machine” episode came on. They always played that one, never “Trouble with Tribbles.”)

Then, as summer moved into the real dog days, late August, we would head to the Palisade, Colo., orchards to buy bushels of peaches. Fresh off the trees peaches. Juice-running-down-your-face peaches. Continue reading