Spiced Pickled Pears

Pears pickled with spices

I can hardly believe the CSA season is drawing to a close–especially since I still have remnants of previous weeks’ fruits and vegetables lurking in the fridge!  I’m preserving what I can, including the pears from last week’s fruit share. This is an adaptation of a recipe in Lianna Krissoff’s book Canning for a New Generation, which is a lovely seasonally-organized guide to home preserving. These sweet-and-sour pears will join the summer’s radishes and cucumbers as part of a pickle plate before Thanksgiving dinner, and I’ll make some into a relish to serve with roast pork this winter. Read on for the recipe. –Moriah Simmons Continue reading


Curried Ramen with Pickled Squash and Beans

Curried Ramen with Pickles and Beans

There are most likely quite a few value conscious CSA members out there.  I know that I am certainly one of them.  During tough economic times, budgets can be tight and time can be short.  For me, time spent in the kitchen can be a joy, but I can’t spend hours in the kitchen every night.  So there are plenty of times that I want something quick and inexpensive.  However, I am loathe to turn to cheap processed foods.  Instead, I’d rather think about what I can create from what I already have in my refrigerator or pantry, and create authentic, wholesome flavors from simple and fresh ingredients.

{Recipe after the jump.}

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The Easiest Radish Pickles

Radish Pickles after 2 days

Radish Pickles

I love radishes, but I can only eat a couple raw in one sitting. Faced with two bunches this week, I needed to preserve some so they won’t go to waste. A little salt and vinegar draw some of the bite out of radishes while leaving them crisp. As an added bonus, after a few hours, the radish skins stain the whole batch bright pink. I served these to some friends this week, and even the radish-haters of the group admitted that these were surprisingly good. The only downside is that now I’m out of radish pickles. -Moriah

{Radish pickles recipe after the jump.}

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