Tomato Gazpacho from Sohui Kim

Sohui Kim, chef and co-owner of The Good Fork (pictured), shares her recipe for tomato gazpacho. Photo credit: Joe Tannis

On the menu at The Good Fork on Van Brunt Street, you’ll find items marked “AV” for our own Added Value vegetables. Chef Sohui Kim, who owns the restaurant with her husband Ben Schneider, notes it’s been a busy summer “cooking veggies from the farm,” and adds that The Good Fork also recently catered a wedding at the farm as well. But she found time to share her recipe for tomato gazpacho—a quick, simple recipe that calls for some recent CSA share vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers and jalapeño.

{Recipe after the jump}

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Chopped Arabic Salad with Purslane

Initially, I had trouble finding a recipe for purslane. This was because I was Googling “purcell,” which is a town in Oklahoma, the last name of an English baroque composer, a tech support company and a tire manufacturer, in case you were wondering.

Purslane, I realized, is very closely related to what I’ve been weeding out of pavement cracks of the Summit Street Community Garden all summer. I realized I could use this opportunity to make peace with purslane and take that old adage to heart: “Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.” And what’s closer than my belly, really? Could my nemesis in the garden become my ally in the kitchen? I decided to find out by making this Chopped Arabic Salad from Epicurious. —Josie Rubio

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Cucumber-Watermelon (and Plum and Tomato) Salad

Kids, this is a recipe from the New York Times. They know what they’re doing, and this hits all the spicy, sweet, sour, salty notes. I only had one cucumber, so I added a green zebra tomato and a greengage plum. Oh, and I skipped the pistachios. But as long as you’ve got cucumbers and watermelon in any color combination, you’ve got the makings of a delicious salad. Don’t ignore the part where it tells you to drain your chopped ingredients (you get to drink the lightly sweet juice) or your salad will also be a soup. Don’t ask how I know.


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Cucumbers in Scallion Sauce

Whenever I go to Grand Sichuan, I order their Cucumbers in Scallion Sauce dish. The cool cucumber chunks bathed in this sesame-scented emerald sauce are even better than their fabled soup dumplings. Really.

So I had to re-create this dish when I got my hands on our lovely yellow cucumbers. The sauce is basically a pesto made with my trusty immersion blender, but you could also use a food processor or mortar and pestle. This version tastes pretty close to the original, but my scallions were pale and a little bitter, which serves me right for not getting them at the farm. Lesson learned, universe! I’ll be stocking up on Saturday and making this again. Continue reading

Food Demo: Gazpacho

Marianne Thomas will be on the Farm this Saturday offering up a gazpacho lesson. The timing couldn’t be better, considering the heat and all the cucumbers coming in this week’s share.

The first demo will be around noon-12:15. She will offer a second lesson around 1:30. Plus, she plans to be on Farm most of the afternoon to answer questions.

Here’s her recipe, if you want to try it at home. Continue reading