Return to Big Salad

If you missed out on the Big Salad compost event in August, or if you just want to experience the decompositional magic again, you’re in luck. This Sunday 10/7 from 12-4pm, the Big Salad is back. Join master composter David Buckel (and some hardworking earthworms) to turn kitchen scraps into the nutrient-rich soil that grows our food. There’s a lot to be done, and many hands are needed, so come on down and get dirty while putting in some volunteer hours.

This Sunday there will also be a Repurpose Bin at the farm. Please bring one item you don’t use but that you know somebody else might use, put that in the bin and see if you find one item to take home.

Don’t forget to email with updates on your hours. CSA members should complete volunteer hour requirements by the end of November, so get cracking.