Saxelby Cheese Share: June 23

Laini Fondilier of Lazy Lady Farm. Photo by David La Spina for NYT. (Click photo for full story.)


Cheese: Tomme de Lay (raw goats’ milk)

Farm: Lazy Lady Farm; Westfield, VT

What Saxelby has to say: Tomme de Lay is a magnificent cheese that pokes fun at one of our country’s most infamous politicians. This cheese was first called Dandy’s Lyin’, due to the fact that the rind is lightly speckled with dandelion greens and summer savory. During a fit of creativity during one evening’s milking (most probably spurred by listening to NPR), Laini Fondilier decided to change the name, and Tomme de Lay was born. An elegant washed rind cheese with a dense chalky center surrounded by a creamy outer layer. Tomme de Lay has hints of grass, spongy mushrooms, and fresh cream with deep gamey and musky notes to round it out.

CSA Share: July 30

Hundreds of pounds of garlic are now harvested and being prepped for CSA distribution. Photo by beautifulcataya.

It’s garlic time! The farm harvested 240 lbs. of garlic this year, which will be divided up among the CSA, local restaurants, the market and seed. CSA members will be getting 1-2 heads of garlic in their shares about once a month from now till the end of the season.

This week is also the first harvest for many of the summer crops. “We aren’t in major abundance just yet, so your share may seem meager at first,” Kristen reports. “However, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, and eggplant are all big producers at the Red Hook community farm. You’ll be up to your ears in them by late August.”

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Saxelby Cheese Share: July 23

Cheese: Vermont Shepherd (raw sheep’s milk)

Farm: Major Farm; Putney, Vermont

Amount: 1/3 lb.

What Saxelby has to say: A deliciously nutty and slightly sweet aged sheep’s milk cheese from the artisanal cheese pioneers at Major Farm. Back in the 90s, when milking sheep seemed to be just about the craziest thing you could do, David and Cindy Major started making Vermont Shepherd. The result of a trip to the Pyrenees region of France, Vermont Shepherd is a rustic-rinded, smooth sheeps’ milk cheese, like those crafted by French shepherds for hundreds of years. The flavor is balanced and elegant, with an unparalleled richness of grassy, sheepy taste.

FYI: The sheep is this photo are not affiliated with Major Farm. But they are cute. And they have black faces (which my father, a former sheep rancher, hates.) And they’re in snow. And sitting here in 104 degree heat, I wish to join them. — Amy Haimerl

Photo by Tina Negus on Flickr.

Saxelby Cheese Share: July 9

Cheese: Sweet Emotions (pasteurized goats’ milk and cows’ cream)

Farm: Lazy Lady Farm

Amount: 1/3 lb.

What Saxelby has to say: When Steven Tyler wrote the song, this cheese wasn’t yet a gleam in cheese maker Laini Fondiller’s eye. But if Tyler tasted it today, he might be willing to re-work some of the lyrics to be more cheesecentric. A small disc of absolutely sinful cheese, with an interior the texture of mousse-like buttery silk. Sweet Emotions is made from the milk of Laini’s goats, with the added shot (if we were talking espresso here, it’d be a big one!) of cream from Butterworks Farm, one of Vermont’s most lauded organic dairies.

Saxelby Cheese Share: July 1

Doug and Debby Erb, who own Springvale Farms and make Landaff cheese.

Cheese: Landaff (raw cows’ milk)

Farm: Springvale Farms, Landaff, NH

Amount: 1/3 lb.

What Saxelby has to say: Landaff is a real tart….just the way we like our cheeses. Made from raw Holstein milk and bound in cloth, Landaff has the pucker and twang to rival some of the finest cheeses from the British Isles.

Our first cheese from New Hampshire takes its name from the town where it is made.  The Erb family got out of the commodity milk game and into the artisanal cheese game after meeting up with the brothers Kehler up at Jasper Hill Farm.  Now Landaff is aged for 5-7 months in the Cellars at Jasper Hill, tended and coddled by the cheese elves of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.

Saxelby Cheese Share: June 25

The goats frolick at Consider Bardwell Farm in Vermont.

Cheese: Rupert (raw cow’s milk)

Farm: Consider Bardwell Farm (West Pawlet, VT)

Amount: 1/3 lb.

What Saxelby has to say about it: Move over Gruyere… here comes Rupert, a regal whale of a wheel of cheese from Consider Bardwell Farm. Each 35 pound wheel of Rupertis stamped with a whale shape as well as the batch number when the curds are being pressed, no doubt an homage to its grandeur and heft. The cheese is a dense, butterscotchy, and nutty experience, with a well honed flavor profile that extends on the palate long after the last bite. The wheels are aged for a minimum of nine months to ensure the development of the cheese’s subtle, lingering flavor.