How A Busy Mom Uses All Those CSA Veggies

Sunday night dinner in the Foley-Murphy household.

Among other things, I’m a mom to an almost five year old and a two month old. Before I was a mom I had hobbies and crafty creative projects going on in my life; now my main hobby is making good food. It works out nicely because my family likes to eat. And for this hobby I love the CSA season. There is nothing better than taking something that we’ve never heard of and turning it into something delicious, especially if my daughter agrees that it is delicious.

I get really excited about it. When I talk about it at social functions and family reunions, I’m met most often with people looking at me like I have three heads (oh, really you made kohlrabi “french fries”… ) but sometimes my excitement finds a kindred spirit.  I’m guessing that in the CSA community there will be more in the later camp and thought I’d share my strategy and a couple of recipes that we have liked in the past few weeks.

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CSA Share: July 14

Lots of purslane is available for the taking this week. Photo by h-bomb.


After all the regular rain we’ve had all spring, we’ve entered a bit of a hot, dry spell. Getting things enough water has proven challenging, but on the plus side the weeds aren’t growing quite as fast. We’re steadily approaching summer crop abundance, though this week might be a bit light as the spring crops have mostly finished and the summer crops (except the squash) haven’t really kicked in yet.

I very much hope to have a full share, but if it seems a bit short please forgive us — it will be made up and then some later in the season. Some things you might see this week: beans, beets, broccoli, onions, squash, chard, and/or collards.  There will also be a bunch of edible weeds available as extra if you wish to help yourself, but not counted as the share — mainly amaranth (also known as callaloo) and purslane.

Stay cool!

CSA Share: August 6

Squash blossoms are made for stuffing with cheese. Photo by Muy Yum.

The farm went from 20 lbs. of squash last week to 200 lbs. this week. Result: get ready for squash blossoms in your share. They’re tasty stuffed with cheese and sauteed, which is how the Added Value crew had them at a recent staff meal at Ici, one of the farm’s restaurant partners.

But the star of the meal, Kristen reports, was an uncommon green the farm grew:  amaranth greens, which are actually a weed (also called pigweed). It’s a bit like spinach, but heartier, and Ici  sauteed it in olive oil (butter also works) and garlic and served it alongside cavatelli pasta.

“I’ve been offering amaranth to restaurants for a few years now but never myself cooked it,” Kristen says. “I feel like this dish inspired me to offer it to more than just our restaurant partners.”

So stay tuned and maybe we’ll be getting some tasty weeks in our shares …

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