This week’s share: August (!) 3 & 6


Yay, it’s tomato season!! And they have finally arrived at Added Value.

This week’s share will have them, in the heirloom and plum varieties.


  • cucumbers
  • hot peppers
  • collards/kale/chard
  • basil

Saturday folks may be blessed with an extra special surprise…spoiler alert…it’s sweet corn!!


Fruit will be peaches & blackberries.
Summer Snow
Woodcock Farm (pasteurized sheep’s milk/animal rennet, Weston, VT)
A light buttery sheeps’ milk cheese made in the camembert style. The name alludes to the cheese’s fluffy white rind, reminiscent of the snow capped peaks that surround the town of Weston come wintertime. Creamy, lemony, and a touch nutty when young, with a more pronounced sheepy flavor as it ages. Only available during the summer and early fall. Each wheel is aged for 4-6 weeks.

Saxelby Cheese Share: July 14

This week’s Tarentaise comes from Spring Brook Farm in Vermont.


Cheese: Tarentaise (raw cows’ milk)

Farm: Spring Brook Farm; Reading, VT

What Saxelby has to say: A gorgeous, Beaufort-style cheese that is based on the recipe perfected by John and Janine Putnam of Thistle Hill Farm.  Spring Brook and Thistle Hill Farm have forged a unique partnership in the American cheese-scape, making the same cheese on two different patches of farmland. This partnership evokes the Alpine tradition where cheese makers within a certain area all make the same style of cheese. Made from rich, raw Jersey cows’ milk in a traditional copper vat, Tarentaise is a complex and full-flavored wheel of cheese.  Aged for 7 months or more, the texture is smooth and rich, with deep, nutty, and spicy flavors abounding. Hints of wet grass and sweet toasted hazelnuts accent the flavor profile.

Saxelby Cheese Share: June 23

Laini Fondilier of Lazy Lady Farm. Photo by David La Spina for NYT. (Click photo for full story.)


Cheese: Tomme de Lay (raw goats’ milk)

Farm: Lazy Lady Farm; Westfield, VT

What Saxelby has to say: Tomme de Lay is a magnificent cheese that pokes fun at one of our country’s most infamous politicians. This cheese was first called Dandy’s Lyin’, due to the fact that the rind is lightly speckled with dandelion greens and summer savory. During a fit of creativity during one evening’s milking (most probably spurred by listening to NPR), Laini Fondilier decided to change the name, and Tomme de Lay was born. An elegant washed rind cheese with a dense chalky center surrounded by a creamy outer layer. Tomme de Lay has hints of grass, spongy mushrooms, and fresh cream with deep gamey and musky notes to round it out.

Saxelby Cheese Share: Sept. 10

Cheese: Ouray (raw cows’ milk)

Farm: Sprout Creek Farm; Poughkeepsie, NY

What Saxelby  has to say: One bite and this cheese will leave you exclaiming OO-ray! A one of a kind cheese  with a flavor that is a hybrid of Cheddar and Parmesan with perhaps a little bit of English Cheshire thrown in the mix to make things interesting. It is bright and tart with a flaky and somewhat granular texture. Accented with sharp and lactic notes and rustic mossy undertones which evoke the damp cellars in which it is aged. The unusual and unique rind gives the cheese more earthy mushroomy flavors and should definitely be eaten, not cast aside. Aged 3-4 months.

Saxelby Cheese Share: Sept. 3

The cellar at Jasper Hill.

Cheese: Cabot Clothbound Cheddar (pasteurized cows’ milk)

Farm: Matured in the cellars at Jasper Hill Farm; Greensboro, Vermont

Amount: 1/3 lb.

What Saxelby has to say: The grand champion of the 2006 American Cheese Society cheese awards. This cheese has been dubbed as addictive as narcotics by certain devoted fans.  A hefty, beautiful and rustic wheel, the clothbound cheddar is rich and caramelly, speckled with bits of crystalline crunchy goodness. Clothbound cheddar evolved as a partnership between Jasper Hill Farm and Cabot Creamery, two of the best dairy enterprises in the Green Mountain State. The cheeses are made at Cabot Creamery, and are shipped to the Cellars at Jasper Hill when just a few days old. The team at the Cellars then bandages the cheeses, coats them with hot lard to make the cloth stick to surface of the cheese, and places them on wood shelves to age for 12-14 months.

Saxelby Cheese Share: Aug. 27

Cheese: Old Man Highlander (raw cows’ milk)
Farm: Calkins Creamery; Honesdale, Penn.
Amount: 1/3 lb.
What Saxelby has to say: Old Man Highlander is an aged gouda-style cheese from the caves at Calkins Creamery. These rustic, earthy wheels are aged for 60 to 90 days, during which time they develop a coating of dusty grayish mold. The flavor is milky, snappy and vibrant, with some spicy, Provolone-y notes contributing a bit of sharpness. The texture is semi-firm to firm, depending on how long the cheeses are aged. Normally aged 3-5 months.

Saxelby Cheese Share: August 20

Cheese: Riley’s Coat (raw goat’s milk)

Farm: Blue Ledge Farm; Salisbury, Vermont

Amount: 1/3 lb.

What Saxelby has to say: A semi-firm, sweet and musty goats’ milk cheese from Vermont’s Champlain Valley.  Named for the cheesemakers’ beloved hound, Riley, this cheese is anything but dogged.  The flavor is milky and mellow, with a grassy, honeyed and floral flavor.  Aged between 4 to 5 months, during which time the cheese develops a beautifully rustic natural rind.