This week’s share: August (!) 3 & 6


Yay, it’s tomato season!! And they have finally arrived at Added Value.

This week’s share will have them, in the heirloom and plum varieties.


  • cucumbers
  • hot peppers
  • collards/kale/chard
  • basil

Saturday folks may be blessed with an extra special surprise…spoiler alert…it’s sweet corn!!


Fruit will be peaches & blackberries.
Summer Snow
Woodcock Farm (pasteurized sheep’s milk/animal rennet, Weston, VT)
A light buttery sheeps’ milk cheese made in the camembert style. The name alludes to the cheese’s fluffy white rind, reminiscent of the snow capped peaks that surround the town of Weston come wintertime. Creamy, lemony, and a touch nutty when young, with a more pronounced sheepy flavor as it ages. Only available during the summer and early fall. Each wheel is aged for 4-6 weeks.

CSA Shares

At last, the contracts are ready, and it’s time for existing members to sign up for this year’s shares!

There are three contract types for you to review and sign up with. A regular share, low cost share, and work share.

We have approximately 60 shares available, a few less spots this year than last year because of the farm renovation. It is realistically what could be handled this year. So, returning members will have access first to these open spots. The shares will be given out on a first come first serve basis, so better to get your signed contract and payment is ASAP! Below are the important details of the share, payment, etc.
The cheese and egg shares are back again as options.

Season dates: June 22nd – FIRST PICKUP November 16th – LAST PICKUP

To return signed contracts and first payment:
+ Returning members have until MAY 29th,
+ Waitlist has until JUNE 5th
+ CSA opens to all thereafter until we are full.

Payment can be made through :
1. Paypal :
2. check mailed to : Red Hook CSA PO Box 310028, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Signed contracts can be :
1. emailed back to
2. mailed with payment to the address above


Looking forward to having you back this season.

All best,
The Core Group

Added Value Farm And CSA Update

photo (1)

Summer is nearly here, and we are ready to open the Red Hook CSA for the 2013 season, finally. We apologize for the delays, but as you may have heard there are many transformations underway over at the farm, which have impacted our schedule. But the exciting thing is that reconstruction started this week, and we are now excited to get all our members in the loop and connected to the food that will be coming out of this new and improved space.

The farm renovation is a result of Sandy’s impact, and is made possible through the support of various city agencies, like the Dept of Sanitation. Added Value’s compost system is expanding, a solar system being installed, and the farm beds are being raised two feet to help flood-proof for future storms. Construction just started, and is expected to take the next 4-6 weeks. Check out the photos of the farm totally bare! If you have time in the coming weeks, feel free to visit and walk around the perimeter and take a look. The farm cannot have folks on site, due to construction, but it is still worth a visit, as it is the only time you will see the site like this.

Because of this, Added Value will be getting into the ground a bit later than previous years. Our CSA will be provided with the fruit of the farm when the harvest season starts. Until then Added Value has generously arranged with Green Markets and local farmers to provide us with fruit and vegetables so that our season can still start on time. Thank you Added Value!

In other news, have you seen the farm going in on NYCHA property? This is the work of Added Value as well. Farm beds are being constructed on the land next to the senior citizen center, across from the public library, and some the beds are already planted. Feel to stop by and say hello.

We will be having a welcoming event the week before first pickup. More details to come in early June.

We are excited for our 2013 season, since it will be the kick off to an inspiring new Red Hook Farm.

All the best,
The CSA Core Group : Gita, Abby, Cristina, Erika, Tracy, Caleb


The Farm, The CSA and The Market Are Coming Back!

Dear Friends,

It has been a long winter and now Spring has now really sprung. Corbin and our Youth Leaders (who have been joined by Aseel, who has returned to AV as a College Intern in the program) have just completed a Community Food Assessment; our Urban Farm Corps members are working hard to build out the new farm site on Wolcott street; David is still composting like a mad man; and yes, Kenny is quickly filling up the Greenhouse.

As we enter the tenth season of growing at Red Hook Community Farm, we here at AV want to first convey our gratitude to you, the CSA members, for your care and concern in the immediate aftermath of Sandy, and for your continued interest and investment in the health of the fields and the wellbeing of the Staff and youth leaders.

We are excited to say that despite the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, we will be rebuilding the farm this season. Our soil science came back with conflicting information. There were a number of toxins but only in negligible amounts.

We have been working with the City and State (and Gita’s firm ThreadCollective) to redesign the farm in a way that is more productive, more educational and more resilient to the changes that have come to us as a result of global climate change. We anticipate the approval of a final plan by early May and to begin the buildout soon thereafter.

Our current plan is to replace the existing soil, import new compost and raise the level of the farm to two feet deep. Raising the soil will allow us plant many new crops, manage irrigation and drainage better while limiting the impacts of future inundation.

Should this plan be approved, it may mean that the farm will not be planted until late June, which means that we will not have crops available to you until mid-July, or roughly three weeks after our traditional start time. BUT, WE WILL STILL HAVE A SEASON, EVEN IF DELAYED, AND THE FARMERS MARKET AND CSA will be held.


In order to keep our schedule on track and provide members with fresh, locally produced food we have been organizing with our friends at Greenmarkets who have agreed to provide us with delivered produce from great regional farmers. Linking into the regional food system will help to ensure that we can launch Saturday June 22nd. Our additional share options of egg (new producer from the Finger Lakes), fruit, and cheese will remain unaffected and will be part of the share options as usual.

We will be providing you with contracts by no later than the beginning of next week. Within the contract you can opt in or opt out of these first weeks when the produce is not ours. Whatever your choice we hope that you know that your continued support of the farm and our work at Added Value is meaningful and important to us. We hope that you will continue in the CSA and participate in the local urban agricultural community.

All the best,
Ian and the rest of the AV team.

Pop-Up Market

Pop Up Market

We all know that in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, it’s become increasingly difficult to find fresh produce in Red Hook. Fortunately, Added Value is running a pop-up market in Coffey Park on Saturdays and Wednesdays, from 10am to 3:30pm, where CSA members can buy globally-sourced produce and redeem remaining fruit and cheese shares in the upcoming weeks. The market will run through the end of December. Happy shopping!

CSA update: After the storm

Farm volunteers cleared the debris and prepared the flood-soaked crops for composting.


The core idea of community-supported agriculture is that those who purchase shares become stakeholders in the farms they support, sharing the benefits of a great harvest season and the risks of a scant one.

This week, our farm’s dice came up snake eyes.

Monday’s storm surge covered the farm with several feet of water, and Added Value’s office also flooded, drowning its computers and other gear. Ian estimates that the equipment damage is in the $10,000 – $40,000 range — and that’s not counting the crop losses.

The good news is that the farm is committed to rebuilding. The soil is being tested to find out what contaminants got in (petroleum, at minimum, is pretty likely), and Added Value is putting together a list of what equipment and infrastructure is needed to get  back in business. Stay tuned on more updates on how you can help.

We still had a few weeks left on our CSA season. Here’s where things stand with each of the shares.

Veggies: Done for the season. Anything that didn’t drown risked being contaminated. Volunteers hit the farm on Saturday (check out this video about the effort) to pull everything that remained up for compost.

Eggs: These were being paid for by Added Value on a month-to-month basis, and hadn’t been delivered recently because the provider abruptly lost most of its flock late this summer. The CSA was about three weeks behind on vouchers to offset the missing eggs. Right now, that money remains in Added Value’s coffers. Anyone who would like a refund for their missing eggs can email; otherwise, those egg payments will become a farm donation.

Cheese: Saxelby’s had its cheese cave in Red Hook. We’re trying to get in touch to find out how it weathered the storm. Stay tuned for an update on what happens to the last few weeks of cheese deliveries.

Fruit: Our fruit came from outside the city, and the CSA is reaching out to fruit vendors to see if we can arrange the last few weeks of fruit delivery. If so, it’ll be available at the usual pickup spot on the farm, though probably for curtailed hours — likely 10 am to noon on Saturday. Stay tuned for an update.

Fish: Mermaid’s Garden extended all subscriptions by a week to offset the missed delivery on 11/3. Deliveries are on track to resume 11/10 with pickups at the farm as usual, Saturday 10am to noon.

If you have any questions, please comment on the blog or email Thanks for your commitment to the farm and the CSA. We look forward to being back in business next summer.