Blueberries in Gin Syrup

I’ve been enjoying our CSA blueberries sprinkled over Greek yogurt with a drizzle of honey, but Ian Knauer’s blueberries in gin syrup is the most lovely solution for excess blueberries. The idea is simple: flavor a hot sugar syrup with juniper and rosemary, strain it over the blueberries, then add gin. It’s also nice to mess about with the syrup infusions (sliced ginger makes a great addition, and so does lemon zest).

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Tomatillo Salsa

photo by hozae

Feels like the last few days of barbecue weather so we grilled hanger steaks and drank beers with our neighbors tonight. Hugh made a lovely salsa with the little tomatillos and gnarly green chiles from last Saturday, charring them under the broiler to make them easy to peel, but also to give the sauce a super smoky flavor. If there was any leftover it would have been delicious with fried eggs or grilled fish. But it was so good, we finished it all.


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Pan con Tomate

Pan con tomate is a ridiculously simple Spanish snack of grilled, garlic-rubbed bread with raw, ripe tomatoes. With all the tomatoes in our half share lately, I’ve been fixing it for lunch almost every day (and sometimes in the wee hours of the morning as a restorative post-work snack).

Traditionally, you crush the halved tomato directly onto the hot bread, like a schoolyard bully, but I find the bread gets squished that way. Instead, grate the tomato to make a little bowl of sweet-savory pulp, ready for spooning onto bread, or dipping. And that’s it. Once you’ve made pan con tomate once, you won’t need a recipe to make it again. –Tejal

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Lemongrass, Mint and Ginger Chai

We think of chai as a syrupy tea with heavy brown spices but my grandmother makes hers with fresh lemongrass, mint and ginger — no spices. I still have the lemongrass from last week, and when our share included mint yesterday, I thought of my gran. She grows the two ingredients in her backyard in Nairobi, and makes this tea every morning and afternoon. It’s a hot drink, but so refreshing, a good fix for a rainy September day. –Tejal

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What I Made with My Share: Blueberry Cake

Saturday’s blueberries were tasty enough to eat plain, one by one, but I needed to make a dessert for guests. I love this super easy cake recipe which is great with any seasonal fruit. It gets a nice golden crust and the edges go crispy with caramelized blueberry juice. The dessert is basically a variation on Eve’s Pudding, a traditional English cake made with apples.

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