Return to Big Salad

If you missed out on the Big Salad compost event in August, or if you just want to experience the decompositional magic again, you’re in luck. This Sunday 10/7 from 12-4pm, the Big Salad is back. Join master composter David Buckel (and some hardworking earthworms) to turn kitchen scraps into the nutrient-rich soil that grows our food. There’s a lot to be done, and many hands are needed, so come on down and get dirty while putting in some volunteer hours.

This Sunday there will also be a Repurpose Bin at the farm. Please bring one item you don’t use but that you know somebody else might use, put that in the bin and see if you find one item to take home.

Don’t forget to email with updates on your hours. CSA members should complete volunteer hour requirements by the end of November, so get cracking.

Help the Added Value Youth Program get to Milwaukee!

Dear CSA,

We need your help! Our dedicated Added Value Youth Program has the chance to present in the upcoming Growing Power’s 2012 National-International Urban & Small Farm Conference. This is an amazing opportunity, but it is in Milwaukee just two weeks from now, and they need $2000 more in travel funding to get there. That’s where we come in.

Below is a note from Corbin, Director of the Youth Program. The fundraising they are doing is at a critical time, and any support, big or small, would be much appreciated.  The youth do a lot to help our CSA happen, so let’s give back! (Put “Growing Power” in the comment section)

Please feel free to pass along to others.

Kohlrabi-Apple Remoulade


Remoulade sounds fancy, right? Just imagine, you can set this on your Thanksgiving table and announce its name, and your guests will swoon. It’s basically the French version of cole slaw, but we’ll keep that between us.

Remoulade is traditionally made with celery root, but it adapts well to other vegetables. To keep your remoulade crunchy, make the dressing tonight, then grate the kohlrabi and apple tomorrow and stir everything together. Easy, fancy-sounding, and a much-needed raw counterpart to all that starch? Yes, please.

Moriah Simmons

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Pumpkin Pie from Actual Pumpkin

Photo from

You know that charming little pumpkin from a share two weeks ago? (You may have magicked part of it into juice.) It really wants to be a pie. The thing is, the round orange vegetables we know as pumpkins are generally lighter in color and milder in flavor than a lot of their squash cousins, who make up most of the burnt-orange canned “pumpkin” pie filling we all know. But that’s ok because we are going to work with what we have, darn it!

The spices in this pie filling are adapted ever-so-slightly to work with the squash at hand, so it’s not the cinnamon-bomb you might have grown up with. Rather, it’s a classy citrus and nutmeg custard pie, which will fit right in at your classy Thanksgiving feast.

– Moriah Simmons

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Wizard Juice

pumpkin juice

You’ve read at least one Harry Potter book, I’ll wager. So you know that the most compelling beverage in the whole series is the pumpkin juice served in the Hogwarts dining hall. I’m pretty sure this is made-up and not based on any traditional British recipe (unlike butterbeer), so I have invented a recipe for it, to make a tasty, booze-free Thanksgiving drink that conveniently uses the small pumpkin from the CSA share a few weeks ago. You’ll just need some pumpkin, sugar, spices, and water. Magic optional.

Moriah Simmons

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A Bad Case of the Apples

Thanks to the bounty of the fruit share, I (like the rest of you) have more apples than I can in a month. This is a great opportunity to preserve them via freezing and canning, so I don’t have to waste anything. I like to make a big batch of applesauce, save some, and turn the rest into apple butter. First up, an easy recipe for bright pink applesauce.  – Moriah Simmons Continue reading

Apple Butter

apple butterNow that we’ve got a batch of applesauce, let’s go a little further and turn it into apple butter. Have you had apple butter? It contains no actual butter (vegans rejoice!), just apples, spices, and sugar. This is a silky, spicy spread that can be slathered on toast for a quick breakfast or spooned into prebaked tart shells for an elegant dessert. -Moriah Simmons Continue reading