Week 14 share

Hi all,

Your share this week will include:

Swiss Chard,

Broccoli Rabe,





Variety of Hot Peppers,




and Sage.


For fruit, there will be Italian plums and Concord grapes.


Your cheese this week will be

1841 Havarti

Calkins Creamery – Honesdale, Pennsylvania

1841 Havarti gets its name from the year that Highland Farm (now home to Calkins Creamery) was established in Wayne County, Pennsylvania. This milky, creamy cheese is light and mild with a semi-firm texture and just a touch of tang. It is perfect for sandwiches, super kid friendly, and udderly delicious! The wheels are dipped in yellow cheese wax before being aged for 2-3 months.

Cheese Stats

Milk Type: cow

Milk Treatment: raw

Rennet: vegetarian

Style: havarti, wax rind

Texture: semi-firm

Age: 2-3 months


And for the large share:

Duda Gouda

Hook’s Cheese Company – Mineral Point, Wisconsin

Nobody said that American cheese names had to be serious… And if you can get past the ridiculous nature of this name, you’ll be rewarded with a sweet and nutty sheeps’ milk cheese. Duda Gouda is a rindless wheel with a firm texture and a malty, caramelly sweetness laced with notes of lanolin and grass. The sheeps’ milk is sourced from neighboring dairies, and is transformed into cheese by Tony and Julie Hook, two of Wisconsin’s master cheesemakers. Aged between 9 and 12 months.

Cheese Stats

Milk Type: sheep

Milk Treatment: pasteurized

Rennet: vegetarian

Style: rindless (aged in cryovac)

Texture: semi-firm to firm

Age: 9-12 months



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