Week 12 Share

Welcome to “Fall!” (Actually, fall doesn’t astronomically begin until September 22. Details, details.)

This week we have for you:




Hot peppers





For fruit we have Bartlett and Seckel pears.


Our cheese this week will be:


Seal Cove Farm – Lamoine Maine

A delightful little droplet of creamy and decadent cheese. These Pearls are young, tangy and absolutely delicious, from their near-iridescent rinds down to their fluffy and spreadable cores. This goat and cow mix proves to be a match made in heaven… the buttery sweetness of the cows’ milk is tempered by the slightly piney musk of the goats’ milk. The sublime, silky texture owes to the fact that cheesemaker Barbara Brooks painstakingly ladles layer after layer of delicate curd into the molds. Pearls are aged at Seal Cove Farm for a week before being shipped to Saxelby Cheese, and then are aged another 1-2 weeks.

Milk Type: goat and cow

Milk Treatment: pasteurized

Rennet: vegetarian

Style: fresh/bloomy rind

Texture: soft

Age: 1-2 weeks


And for the large share:

Marieke Premium Gouda

Holland’s Family Cheese – Thorp, Wisconsin

Marieke Penterman and her family relocated from the Netherlands to the nether regions of northern Wisconsin to pursue their cheesemaking dreams. They produce an array of award-winning goudas that would make their cousins across the pond blush! The cheese is crafted from the milk of Holstein-Fresian cows, the breed developed for its dairying prowess in Holland. Each wax-coated wheel is aged between 12 and 18 months, during which time it develops a dense, firm paste and a caramelly sweet, grassy flavor. The wheels of Marieke Premium Gouda are studded with crystalline crunchy bits known as tyrosine, which are clusters of protein that calcify during the aging process.


Cheese Stats

Milk Type: cow

Milk Treatment: raw

Rennet: animal

Style: waxed rind

Texture: firm

Age:  18-24 months


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