Week 10 Share

Okay, now it is summer, because we really have tomatoes this time.

And the tomatoes make an amazing salad with the purslane (tomatoes, purslane, garlic, lemon, olive oil = yum!)




-Hot peppers






Fruit: Peaches, white and yellow


Cheese share:

Elsa Mae

Calkins Creamery – Honesdale, Pennsylvania

A creamy, buttery, and yeasty washed rind cheese pioneered by cheesemaker James Regelsky at Calkins Creamery in Pennsylvania. When young, the wheels smell of fruit and yeast and have a pale tawny color. They are washed every 3 days with a b-linens based salt brine to develop the rind. Over the course of their aging, the rinds turn deep orange in color, and the paste undergoes a metamorphosis from being pudgy and custardy to silky, satiny and gooey. The flavor is light, briny and buttery, like a Cerignola olive in cheese form! The cheese is named after the top milk producing cow at Calkins Creamery. Aged 4-8 weeks.


Cheese Stats

Milk Type: cow

Milk Treatment: pasteurized

Rennet: vegetarian

Style: washed rind

Texture: soft

Age: 4-8 weeks


And for the large share, we also have:


Bon Pere

Boston Post Dairy – Enosburg Falls, Vermont

Made from a mixture of 80% cows’ milk and 20% goats’ milk, Bon Pere is a fruity, nutty, and complex mixed milk cheese. Boston Post Dairy is run by the Gervais family, and got its name from the fact that the old Boston Post stagecoach road runs right through the center of their farm. The name Bon Pere translates to ‘good father’, a nod to the four Gervais sisters’ father Robert. (The Gervais sisters now run the Boston Post Dairy – they also have 11 brothers, so perhaps ‘good father’ is a bit of an understatement!) The flavor imparted by the goats’ milk is sweet, malty, and caramelized, while the cows’ milk gives the firm paste a more grassy and buttery tone. Its bright red rind makes for a beautiful presentation, a natural addition to any cheese board.


Cheese Stats

Milk Type: goat and cow

Milk Treatment: pasteurized

Rennet: vegetarian

Style: gouda, wax rind

Texture: semi-firm to firm

Age: 3-8 months


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