2017 Week 9 Share

For veggies this lovely week in August we have:


Green beans



Hot peppers






Fruit: nectarines, white and yellow


This week’s cheeses are:


Jasper Hill Farm – Greensboro, Vermont

Calderwood is a rich and robust wheel of raw cows’ milk cheese coated in finely chopped fibers of hay. The wheels are washed with brine for six months in the Cellars at Jasper Hill before being coated in hay and sealed in Cryovac. After an additional four months of aging, the cryovac is removed and the cheeses are left to dry and form a natural rind in the cellars. The finished wheels of cheese are firm nutty and complex, with hints of earth, caramel, chestnut honey, and tropical fruit.


The hay used to make Calderwood is harvested from pastures surrounding Jasper Hill Farm and dried in a special hay drying machine. The Calderwood Cropping Center, the first machine of its kind in the United States, can dry hay in a matter of a few hours, where it would take 3-4 days to dry in a sunny field. Jasper Hill Farm’s founders, Andy and Mateo Kehler, observed a hay dryer in action in Parma Italy, a region whose cheese calls for grass-fed milk, but whose climate is a bit too rainy for making consistent dry hay, and were inspired to bring the Italian technology stateside. The Cropping Center allows them to make high quality dry hay for feed that lasts the whole year, which is paramount to their quality standards as cheesemakers. Many of Jasper Hill’s award-winning cheeses are crafted from raw milk. Good quality hay is a key ingredient in the cheesemaking process, ensuring the microbiology of the cows’ digestive systems and the milk itself is at an optimal place for cheesemaking.


Cheese Stats

Milk Type: cow

Milk Treatment: raw

Rennet: animal

Style: alpine

Texture: firm

Age: 9-10 months

Size: 20lb wheel


And for the second piece of the large share:



Bonnieview Farm – Craftsbury, Vermont

A big bold wheel of Alpine-style cow’s milk cheese from Bonnieview Farm that is the definition of seasonal cheese. Braeburn is made in the winter months when Bonnieview Farm’s sheep are off duty. Come summertime the wheels are fully matured and ready to enjoy! This season’s wheels are sweet and milky with some notes of fermented fruit and savory spring onion. Bonnieview Farm has a unique seasonal cheesemaking cycle because they milk both sheep and cows – their sheep produce milk from May through October each year, and the cows come online in the late summer when the sheep milk supply is beginning to dwindle. They make mixed milk cheeses until the sheep are dried off for the fall and winter and then transition to 100% cows’ milk cheese. Aged 6 months or more.


Cheese Stats

Milk Type: cow

Milk Treatment: raw

Rennet: animal

Style: blue

Texture: semi-firm

Age: 3-4 months


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