2017 Week 5 Share

Here’s what you can expect for your share this July 12 and July 15 pickup:

-napa cabbage

-some variety of kale

-daikon radishes

-Swiss chard (for at least one day, maybe both)

-kohlrabi (maybe for one day)

-zucchini (maybe for one day)


Fruit will be maybe cherries and or maybe peaches

Cheese share:

Bonnie Blue

Bonnieview Farm – Craftsbury, Vermont

A seasonal cow’s milk blue from Bonnieview Farm. Though Bonnieview first earned acclaim for their line of succulent sheep’s milk cheeses, their cow’s milk cheeses are stars in their own right. Bonnieview Farm produces cow’s milk cheese from the milk of their small herd when their sheep are off duty – from about October until May of each year. Bonnie Blue generally makes its debut in early spring each year, giving us something to celebrate before the sheep’s milk cheeses become available. Bonnie Blue is a moist, fudgy blue cheese that is sweet, fruity, and salty all at once. Think Stilton with a slightly Gorgonzola-esque black pepper kick. A perfect blue for any cheese board… Rich and flavorful yet not overpowering.


Cheese Stats

Milk Type: cow

Milk Treatment: raw

Rennet: animal

Style: blue

Texture: semi-firm

Age: 2-4 months



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