2017 Week 4 Share

Hi All,

Here’s your post-Independence Day share:

For this week Saturday there will be:


-asian greens



-daikon radishes


-garlic scapes


For the fruit share we believe there will be cherries.


Cheese this week:


Consider Bardwell Farm – West Pawlet, Vermont

Consider Bardwell Farm is the site of the first cheesemaking coop in Vermont, dating back to 1864.  The stream next to the farm used to provide power for the cheese house and also water for the making of the cheese. Manchester is a firm, aged goats’ milk cheese, crafted from the milk of Angela Miller’s herd of Alpine and Oberhaasli goats. The aroma is that of fresh cut grass and asparagus stalks, and the flavor is deeply mineral and sweet. The tawny orange rinds are washed as the cheeses age, heightening nutty flavor notes present in the milk. Aged 3-4 months.

Cheese Stats

Milk Type: goat

Milk Treatment: raw

Rennet: vegetarian

Style: washed rind

Texture: semi-firm

Age: 3-4 months


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