2017 Week 3 Share

This week’s veggies likely include:
-asian greens
-bok choy
-mint, thyme, and sage
-butter crunch lettuce
-garlic scapes
-fresh coriander

Fruit share is still pending

This week’s cheese:
Bonnieview Farm – Craftsbury, Vermont
A simple, delicious, and rustic cows’ milk tomme from Bonnieview Farm. Think domestic cacciocavallo with a fruitier and more buttery finish. The name of the cheese comes from the Ayers family, who farmed the land that Bonnieview sits upon in the 1800’s. Ayersdale is in season each year from July to October. Bonnieview Farm has a unique seasonal cheesemaking cycle because they milk both sheep and cows – their sheep produce milk from May through October each year, and the cows come online in the late summer when the sheep milk supply is beginning to dwindle. They make mixed milk cheeses until the sheep are dried off for the fall and winter and then transition to 100% cows’ milk cheese. Ayersdale is a great cheese for snacking and cooking. Aged 2-3 months.

Cheese Stats
Milk Type: cow
Milk Treatment: raw
Rennet: animal
Style: natural rind
Texture: semi-firm
Age: 2-3 months
Size: 4lb wheel

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