They Gave Us Wha..?!?!

New feature!! Thank you to CSA member Jonathan Blaufarb for the terrific idea!

Anyway most of what we got was pretty familiar this week. But there was one thing that made me go: wha? And a couple others I wasn’t sure what to do with.


This little beauty is the Brassica flower! These particular ones are the flowers of the gorgeous tatsoi we got this week as well. They are 100% edible and kind of delicious! Here are some suggestions of what to do with your flowers:

  • Sauté them in garlic and olive oil
  • Cut them up and pop them into a salad
  • Use them as garnish for any number of things

Or you could do what I did, and use them in a stir fry. And if you’re really freaking out about them, they also look pretty just sitting in a glass.

We also got some coriander this week. I am planning to dry them out and harvest the seeds, which a lot of recipes call for whole and toasted; you could also grind them up with a mortar and pestle.

Got any other suggestions for these unusual ingredients? Send them our way and we will post them here!



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