Added Value Farm And CSA Update

photo (1)

Summer is nearly here, and we are ready to open the Red Hook CSA for the 2013 season, finally. We apologize for the delays, but as you may have heard there are many transformations underway over at the farm, which have impacted our schedule. But the exciting thing is that reconstruction started this week, and we are now excited to get all our members in the loop and connected to the food that will be coming out of this new and improved space.

The farm renovation is a result of Sandy’s impact, and is made possible through the support of various city agencies, like the Dept of Sanitation. Added Value’s compost system is expanding, a solar system being installed, and the farm beds are being raised two feet to help flood-proof for future storms. Construction just started, and is expected to take the next 4-6 weeks. Check out the photos of the farm totally bare! If you have time in the coming weeks, feel free to visit and walk around the perimeter and take a look. The farm cannot have folks on site, due to construction, but it is still worth a visit, as it is the only time you will see the site like this.

Because of this, Added Value will be getting into the ground a bit later than previous years. Our CSA will be provided with the fruit of the farm when the harvest season starts. Until then Added Value has generously arranged with Green Markets and local farmers to provide us with fruit and vegetables so that our season can still start on time. Thank you Added Value!

In other news, have you seen the farm going in on NYCHA property? This is the work of Added Value as well. Farm beds are being constructed on the land next to the senior citizen center, across from the public library, and some the beds are already planted. Feel to stop by and say hello.

We will be having a welcoming event the week before first pickup. More details to come in early June.

We are excited for our 2013 season, since it will be the kick off to an inspiring new Red Hook Farm.

All the best,
The CSA Core Group : Gita, Abby, Cristina, Erika, Tracy, Caleb



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