Help the Added Value Youth Program get to Milwaukee!

Dear CSA,

We need your help! Our dedicated Added Value Youth Program has the chance to present in the upcoming Growing Power’s 2012 National-International Urban & Small Farm Conference. This is an amazing opportunity, but it is in Milwaukee just two weeks from now, and they need $2000 more in travel funding to get there. That’s where we come in.

Below is a note from Corbin, Director of the Youth Program. The fundraising they are doing is at a critical time, and any support, big or small, would be much appreciated.  The youth do a lot to help our CSA happen, so let’s give back! (Put “Growing Power” in the comment section)

Please feel free to pass along to others.

Greetings friends & community members,

I am reaching out to you to share some great news: the Added Value Youth
Empowerment Program was selected to present a workshop at Growing
Power’s 2012 National-International Urban & Small Farm Conference! The conference will be from September 7th to 9th and will be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In order to attend we need your help to raise $2000.

For the past decade Will Allen and the good People at Growing Power have
been close friends and mentors of Added Value. Two years ago, while I was
working as an Emerson National Hunger Fellow, I ran into three of Added Value’s
youth leaders at the 2010 Growing Power Conference. While there I saw them sow
seeds of knowledge about the work they were doing here in Red Hook and harvest
the knowledge and wisdom of people from around the country and world who are
working to transform the food system. I saw them find inspiration that,
today as the Youth Empowerment Program Coordinator, I know they brought back
to energize and inform the work we do here in Red Hook.

This conference will be a particularly special opportunity for growth
and learning for our Youth Leaders, as they will develop and facilitate a
workshop about Added Value and present it to others in the food movement.

I am reaching out to ask for some assistance: although we’ve received
scholarships to cover the conference fees from the wonderful people at
Growing Power, our current budgetary constraints don’t allow us to cover the
costs of the traveling to and from Milwaukee.

Through our community engagement tent the youth program has raised $500
toward our travel costs, but we still we need to raise another $2000 to cover
our airfare, lodging, and meals for our all of us to attend the conference.
We’re asking each of you to help make this experience possible.

If you’re able to contribute to the cost of the Youth Empowerment
Program’s trip to Milwaukee, please go to the donate page of our website
[] and in the
comments section, please write “Growing Power.”  Any donation you are able to
contribute, no matter the size, will bring us closer to our goal of
getting to Milwaukee, and further our mission of growing a new generation of young

Many thanks! And see you on the farm!

Corbin Laedlein

Youth Empowerment Program Coordinator

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