CSA Share: August 18

Small shares will be getting pears this week, grown on the farm. Photo by brokinhrt2.


This is an exciting week for the farm: We harvested our first “fruit” of the season!

I put it in quotes because I’m referring to the cultural definition of fruit (a sweet fruit that is more often eaten as a dessert or snack) rather than the scientific one (any fruiting part of the plant regardless of use). Zucchini, eggplant and tomatoes are all the fruit of the plant, but are vegetables and not “fruit” in the common lexicon…

Anyway: Large shares will be getting melons and small shares will be getting pears this week. The pears are still pretty hard. Personally I like crunchy pears and think they taste great right now, but you could leave them out for a couple days to get a bit riper if you prefer. Who knew we’d actually get a small harvest from one of our fruit trees!

Other things you might find in the share this week are tomatoes, beets, squash, raddichio, arugula, cucumbers, eggplant, collard/chard/kale, and garlic…



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