How to Store Your Fish

*Not the fish you will be receiving.

Fish CSA subscribers:

You can pick up your fish share between 10 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. After that, you forfeit your share. So please get to the Farm early. (Best selection of produce, too!)

You will receive a cold pack at your first pick-up. Please bring it back with you to each pick-up to keep your fish cold on its trip to your home. Here’s what you need to know about storing your fish, from Bianca and Mark at Mermaid’s Garden:

For fish fillets: Place your fish in a bag that you can seal closed (like a ziplock.) In a deep-ish bowl, make a slurry that is mostly ice and a little water. Submerge your fish in the slurry. Alternately, place your wrapped fish over ice. If you need to freeze your fish, make sure it is well wrapped in plastic first and foil second.

For whole fish: You can place your whole fish in an ice slurry or over ice as above. It does not need to be wrapped as its skin will protect the fish. Do not freeze a whole fish, fillet it first.

For shellfish: Place a colander over a bowl and fill about halfway with ice. Place your shellfish on top of the ice. Any melt will drip into the bowl below. NEVER submerge your shellfish in water other than to clean it quickly (we like a good scrub with a small brush- a nail brush works pretty well.)

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