Fire at Home/Made: How to Help

Yesterday afternoon, there was a fire at Home/Made, the wine bar and restaurant in Red Hook. Thankfully, the damage didn’t completely ravage the restaurant — but it was enough to require some serious repairs, including a new stove and kitchen windows and replacing the kitchen ceiling and front grate.

The owners, Monica Byrne and Leisah Swenson, are true Red Hookers, though. They plan to be open within two weeks — and they’re still helping to throw the benefit for Falconworks on Monday at Kid Studios. How’s that for indomitable spirit? (And btw, you should be at that benefit; it’s a great time.)

There is no official estimate on the repair costs, yet, but it’s likely to hit the five-figure mark. The cost of the new front grate alone could be $2,000+, other business owners tell me. So let’s help the ladies, who have always been so generous with their time and support of the neighborhood.

My goal: To see if we can raise enough to pay for their new grate. I’d like to cut them a check this weekend, so let’s get this fundraiser started.

Use the PayPal link below to give $5, $10, $50… whatever your heart and wallet can afford. Because the best part of Red Hook is this: When the chips are down, we come together to help our own. — Amy

P.S.: You don’t have to have a PayPal account to use the button; you can use your credit card. If you prefer cash or check, email and we’ll arrange something.

*Note: This is not considered a charitable donation, nor is it tax deductible. This is just helping out a neighbor. 

(Red Hook CSAers: If you are wondering why this is on the CSA website, it’s because Home/Made has been a long-time supporter of Added Value and it’s mission. Plus we’re a small community and this site was the fastest way for me to get the news out to everyone in the neighborhood. If you don’t know Monica and Leisah, stop by Home/Made and introduce yourself. They may even put you to work in the rebuilding.)


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  1. My name is Robert Allen and I own Servpro of Northwest Brooklyn, my office was located at 141 Beard st. We are a Fire restoration and clean up company and we maybe able to help with the cleanup of the damage at Home/Made. My office number is 718-522-4400.

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