Eggplant Caviar

Eggplant is a touchy subject in my house. Supposedly, when my mother was pregnant with me during one hot summer, she craved eggplant parmesan so often that til this day my father refuses to eat it. I love it in the colder months, but the still-lingering summer heat called for something a little bit lighter.

This puree of roasted eggplant, onion and garlic gets its name from the black seeds that dot the mixture. A creamy mix of sweet and savory, this dip is perfect with veggies and pita as an easy afternoon snack. — Adrienne McIlvaine

{Recipe after the jump.}

What You’ll Need

  • 3 or 4 medium CSA eggplants
  • 1 medium CSA onion
  • 3 cloves CSA garlic
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper

Putting It All Together:

  1. Chop eggplant, garlic and onion and drizzle with olive oil.
  2. Spread onto a baking sheet and roast under the broiler for 35 minutes or until brown, stirring occasionally.
  3. Once the eggplant has browned, remove from the pan and blend until smooth, adding extra olive oil if necessary.

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