Saxelby Cheese Share: July 23

Cheese: Vermont Shepherd (raw sheep’s milk)

Farm: Major Farm; Putney, Vermont

Amount: 1/3 lb.

What Saxelby has to say: A deliciously nutty and slightly sweet aged sheep’s milk cheese from the artisanal cheese pioneers at Major Farm. Back in the 90s, when milking sheep seemed to be just about the craziest thing you could do, David and Cindy Major started making Vermont Shepherd. The result of a trip to the Pyrenees region of France, Vermont Shepherd is a rustic-rinded, smooth sheeps’ milk cheese, like those crafted by French shepherds for hundreds of years. The flavor is balanced and elegant, with an unparalleled richness of grassy, sheepy taste.

FYI: The sheep is this photo are not affiliated with Major Farm. But they are cute. And they have black faces (which my father, a former sheep rancher, hates.) And they’re in snow. And sitting here in 104 degree heat, I wish to join them. — Amy Haimerl

Photo by Tina Negus on Flickr.

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