Saxelby Cheese Share: July 1

Doug and Debby Erb, who own Springvale Farms and make Landaff cheese.

Cheese: Landaff (raw cows’ milk)

Farm: Springvale Farms, Landaff, NH

Amount: 1/3 lb.

What Saxelby has to say: Landaff is a real tart….just the way we like our cheeses. Made from raw Holstein milk and bound in cloth, Landaff has the pucker and twang to rival some of the finest cheeses from the British Isles.

Our first cheese from New Hampshire takes its name from the town where it is made.  The Erb family got out of the commodity milk game and into the artisanal cheese game after meeting up with the brothers Kehler up at Jasper Hill Farm.  Now Landaff is aged for 5-7 months in the Cellars at Jasper Hill, tended and coddled by the cheese elves of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.


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