CSA Share: July 1

Have you tried sorrel before? You'll get your chance with this week's share.

Spring veggies are on their way out as the summer crop starts flourishing.  Come get your share at the Farm this Saturday between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Curious about the lack of kale and collards in our shares so far? Kristen reports the aphids have descended en masse this year, and are snacking away on the hearty greens. A good portion of the greens crop got munched — but we’ll be seeing a fresh batch in our shares this fall. Meanwhile, the first baby okra was harvested this week, and a baby muskmelon popped up on a plant — stay tuned …

{Share contents after the jump}

Here’s what to expect in this week’s share:
o       Chard or kale

o       Salad mix

o       Lettuce heads

o       Cress (very spicy!)

o       Pac Choi or Tatsoi (Karl loves this pac choi recipe from Food and Wine. Pork, noodles, goodness)

o       Sorrel

o       Beets (last week everyone went beet mad: Check out Jason’s nose-to-tail beet extravaganza and Adam’s sweet and sour greens)

o       Herbs


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