State of the Farm

Hey folks,

I’ve been M.I.A. the last month in my updates. The Harvest Festival ended up taking a lot of my time and I missed the boat on giving you all an immediate response about the farm post-hail storm. A lot of changes have happened on the farms over the month of October. However, the end of the season is near and I’d like to give you all some updates and how we intend to transition into winter.

On Monday night the temperature dropped to 35 degrees and will do so again later in the week. The first frost is a highly anticipated day in climates that have changing seasons. Many of our crops will die in the frost, but many others will survive. Brassicas, like Kale and Collards, end up developing a sweeter and tender flavor when the nights get really cold. This weekend we will continue building a low-tunnel/hoop house to put over a couple of our beds so we can have greens that can survive light frosts. Come to the farm to check them out on Saturday!

The damage to our fall crops after the hail storm worried me that we had not only lost income for the upcoming market and restaurant sales, but that the last weeks of the CSA would be meek. Most of our greens were severely shredded and torn and our summer crops were on their way out already.

The farm staff, along with volunteers and CSA members, worked really hard “cleaning” up our plants. Now, almost three weeks later, most of our crops have made a comeback. You may have noticed that the CSA shares are still looking rather handsome. Thank you for still cooking with holey collards and less than perfect looking escarole!

Though we lost many opportunities to generate income with restaurant and market harvests, our restaurant partners Ici and Good Fork generously offered to host fundraiser dinners for Added Value. The Ici dinner happened last week and was a great success. This week will be the Good Fork dinner which is already sold out! Keep an eye out for our regular Added Value email blast for updates on those dinner and other cool information.

: Just a reminder that our last distribution will be November 20th. That means only three distributions left!

WORK HOURS/PAYMENTS: A reminder to get those work hours in. Also, if you still owe payments, please make sure to send/bring those in. If you are not sure, please email me ASAP!

SPECIAL ORDERS/MEAT ORDERS: Our last market was this past weekend. That means that a lot of produce/food products will not be available for purchase any longer. However, Hoosic River Poultry still makes a weekly delivery for the fruit and egg shares. If any of you are interested in pre-ordering their meat for pick-up at CSA, please contact me and I will send you a price list as well as ordering procedure.

— Kristen

Photo by Shelley Bernstein

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