Eggplant and Crostini Mishmash

I’ve discovered that CSA shares are like cats and small children: if you neglect them for too long, they get cranky and plot revenge.

I’ve been MIA the past few weeks (bad blogger! no biscuit!) thanks to a slammed travel schedule. On Friday, I got back, opened the fridge, and surveyed the carnage.

The eggs are spawning on their own; that’s the only explanation for the 2.5 dozen I now possess. The green beans are furry. The chard liquefied. Only the cucumbers and daikon radish are still viable, and I’m pretty sure the cucumbers are a mutant, unkillable variety.

So while I work my way up to mucking out and restocking, I’ll belatedly blog dinner from three weeks ago, at the height of tomato season. The goal: Thin eggplant herd, and use the edamame branch we got in our shares that week.

Since I didn’t have a lot of edamame, I went hunting for a recipe that would showcase just a bit of it. I settled on a crostini, which would conveniently also incorporate arugula and mint from my share.

To go with it, I made one of my new favorites: Honeyed eggplant atop split-pea puree. This is a dish that converts people who think they don’t like eggplant; the texture is almost silky, and honey makes everything awesome. The dish isn’t fast, but it’s easy — a good one to make on a weekend when you can set things simmering and just check in occasionally. It also reheats super well.

So while the peas simmered and the eggplant sautéed, I set to work on the arugula/edamame puree, eventually ending up with a pesto-like mix.

Since I also had a bit of pesto left over in the fridge, I paired it with the crushed tomatoes I’m now addicted to.

End result: A crostini assortment, and my eggplant masterpiece. Maybe the happy memory will inspire to break out the machete and reclaim control of the fridge. -Stacy


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