Why We Should All Love Okra

The CSA has brought okra into my life. I have tried okra at restaurants. I know okra can be delicious. But it brings me out  of my texture comfort zone. So this week is my attempt to embrace okra.

Okra is part of the mallow family, which also includes plants such as cacao and cotton. It is believed that okra originated in the Sudan region of Africa. Okra was spread to Eygpt and the Middle East by the Moors and to was introduced to North America during slave trade.

Okra thrives in a tropical climate and is very resilient to drought, extreme heat and poor soil. The strength of this plant has made it a staple in many cultures. Okra provides a great source of fiber along with vitamins A,C,K and B. Even the okra seeds contain vegetable protein.

So here are a few reasons we all should embrace okra. — Jasmine Baxter

  1. Okra is wonderful source of folic acid. Folic acid is key to the formation of health neural tubes in the  womb of pregnant women during 1st trimester of their pregnancy.
  2. The fiber and mucilage helps balance blood sugar levels by slowing down rate which the sugar is absorbed from the small intestine.
  3. Okra promotes the growth of probiotics. These good bacteria can also be found in yogurt and fermented foods.
  4. Mucilage, the thick gluey substance helps trap cholesterol and excess toxins in your body. The combination of this gluey substance  and the high fiber and water content also works as a gentle laxative coating the intestine and soothing ulcers and irritated bowels.

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