Attack of the Spikey Garlic Flowers

OKRA! Not to knock kale, but sometimes a gal’s gotta eat something other than leafy greens. So I was excited to crack this week’s share and find the okra.

Only problem: I’ve never cooked okra before. I hit up epicurious for suggestions.

Some went straight out the window. No way am I deep frying in 100-degree heat.

But succotash sounded manageable, and would let me take advantage of the corn that just started showing up at the farmers’ markets. Also: the garlic flowers!

I’d never encountered these before, but they showed up last weekend at the Borough Hall market. They’re the flowers that sprout on garlic stalks, and they’re filled with edible, tasty seeds. You can put them on salads, eat them raw, or toss them into almost anything you’d use garlic in.

I bought one pint for the novelty value, then went home to ask The Googles what to do with them. The Internet helpfully coughed up a link t my friend Danielle’s food blog “Habeas Brulee,” in which she suggests pickling the seeds.

That sent me straight back to the market for two more pints.

Pickling them is my project for tomorrow night, but in the meantime I settled for tossing a few flowers’ worth into my succotash, along with corn, the okra, cherry tomatoes, edamame (I was out of frozen lima beans) and CSA onions and chives. Into the pan it all went.

Deciding it needed one more final touch, I deviled some of my egg share to serve on the side. Not bad for a rare leafy-greens-free meal.

Also: I am pleased to report that Victoria the Zombie Hyssop is alive, well, and looking perky. I put a bunch of mint next to her in hopes she will share her immortality tips.


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