From the Farmer’s Mouth

Summer is finally starting to fatten up our produce! Cucumbers and Okra are abundant right now. We just harvested out first eggplant and peppers. The sweet corn is almost ready, and I see so many healthy green tomatoes.

We’ve done a lot of planting this week as there is more rain in the forecast.

In the coming weeks look out for eggplant, more okra, beans and some new herbs. Though our first planting of summer squash isn’t as abundant as we’d hoped, we have a second succession in the ground and will hopefully have “late summer” squash by the end of August.

In your share this week you will see a new item, okra, as well as a lot of cucumbers. You may notice that some of the cucumbers are orangey brown. If you are a gardener, you may know associate that color with an overgrown cucumber, but it is in fact a heirloom variety from India called Poona Kheera. Give it a try.

If you feel a little squeemish about slimy okra, the best first recipe is to fry it up! We sell all of the ingredients you need to make a great fried okra dish (except the frying oil). All you need is corn meal, flour, buttermilk (or milk soured with vinegar) eggs, salt and pepper.

Though my favorite dipping sauce is spicy mayo, you can also do a version with yogurt, chives, honey, dried hot pepper (smoked is best), salt and pepper.

Enjoy your share this week!


Photo of young corn on the Farm by Jason Adams

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