What to Eat to Beat the Heat

As we all know this week has been HOT! Cooking for me has been out of the question. So here’s a list of some colorful fruits and veggies that  help beat the heat and keep us hydrated. — Jasmine Baxter

1. Eat lots of melon. Watermelon is high and vitamin C and made up of 80% water; cantaloupe is orange, and that means it’s high in beta-carotene.

2. Berries are an excellent choice for many reasons, especially because they the have an  anti-inflammatory property that helps  soothe sunburns and skin irritation.

3. Smart veggie choices are those that are high in water content, such as cucumbers, lettuces and summer squash (all in our CSA shares), as well as tomatoes and radishes.

4. If you are going to brave the stove, try to steam or boil.

5. Don’t be afraid to add spice to your food, particularly garlic, hot peppers or ginger. Adding spices or herbs that produce heat means you’ll sweat and help cool your body down.

6. Stay away from ice coffee, soda or any other caffeinated  beverage. It will just deplete you of water and leave you dehydrated.

7. Believe it or not, ice cream is not a good choice to stay cool. Any food that lowers your body temperature will cause your body to heat itself back up. You won’t be cool for long.

8. And, of course, drink lots of water!

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