What I Made With My Share: Turnip Mash and Wilted Greens

Editor’s note: Stacy Cowley shares her experiences trying to cook through her weekly CSA share, despite a more-than-full-time job, a husband and two troublesome cats. This is her second installment.

I’m a CSA box slacker. Between late work nights, impromptu “let’s go out” dinners and other cooking-interruptus occurrences, I entered week #2 with  provisions from week #1 still on hand.

Happily, the turnips seemed to be surviving. But I needed to use up multiple things in one go, so I hit epicurious to see what I could do with both the turnips and the attached greens.

I landed on this combo: wilted greens with anchovies and mashed turnips.

I scaled the turnip recipe down to serve two, using the turnip bunch I had on hand, one midsize Yukon Gold potato, and unmeasured glops of horseradish and butter. I added a bit of milk to make the mashing easier, and swapped in leftover CSA chives instead of parsley. That turned out to be an excellent move — the oniony bite really helped.

My turnip greens hadn’t held up as well as the turnips themselves, and were looking a bit  droopy. So I also tossed in week 2’s share of mustard greens. And instead of garlic, I used the last of my garlic scapes.

To finish things out, I covered some salmon fillets with sage and pancetta, and baked them in the oven as I put the greens on the stove.

As my greens finished sauteeing, I realized I’d forgotten the “cut into ribbons” step, tossing them into the pan whole. So I scooped them out of the pan, did some quick whacking with the knife, and tossed them back in the pan. Problem solved.

The final dinner, though, was a mixed bag. My husband, David, took one bite of the greens and accused me of trying to kill him with bitterness. Seems the anchovy and lemon didn’t quite take the edge off them. Next time we get mustard greens I’m going to have to coat them in sugar or something to get him to eat them.

The turnip mash, though, was a clear winner. The sugar really brings out a bit of sweetness in the dish, and I’m pretty sure anything involving that much butter is impossible to screw up.

On to week #3! And with luck, I’ll have finally managed to cook last week’s pac choi by then. — Stacy Cowley


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