Meet Your Farmer

Hi, members!

Welcome to the first CSA share pick up. For those of you who haven’t met me yet, I’m the Farm Manager and Agricultural Programs Coordinator for Added Value. You can call me Kristen, though, for short.

Usually on Saturdays you’ll see me bopping around making sure our busiest day goes smoothly. We also have many hands on our two farms, including our farm staff, youth program staff, youth leaders, and summer youth. I hope you get to know them.

Throughout the season I will be updating you on how the farms on Governors Island and in Red Hook are coming along. This will include all the ups and downs of growing in an urban space; Added Value community events and happenings; staff and long-time volunteer updates; and maybe some interesting news or anecdotes I pick up.

This is my third season at Added Value but my first as the official manager of our farms. I spent most of my winter planning which crops go where and what they will be.

As our farm spaces grow, so too our CSA. We doubled our membership this year! That means being very clever in maximizing our nearly two acres of growing space. With a full-time farmer in spring, we were able to plant crops that typically are too early for our staff season. We have peas, onions, earlier tomatoes, and broccoli!

Luckily, it’s been an overall good weather season. We’ve had a few really hot days and a week or two of a dry spell but the weather has managed to balance itself out. Our season is starting off with a robust June share.



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