Season Begins: What you need to know

It almost feels like the first day back to school. All excited and jittery. Well, if you were like me and actually enjoyed school. Fresh binders, sharpened pencils, a new, fresh year.

But in our case, it’s a new, fresh season of the Red Hook CSA.

Distribution begins on Saturday, June 19 and will last through Saturday, November 20. Produce can be picked up on the farm, which is located at Columbia and Beard streets (yes, across from IKEA), between 10 a.m. and 3 a.m. weekly.

If you still need to pay for your share, or make your first deposit, you can pay by check or credit card at the first distribution.

If you can’t make a weekly distribution window, we encourage you to have a fellow CSA member to pick up your share. You can also e-mail and one of the Core Group will try to help you out. Unfortunately, we cannot save shares; if you do not collect your harvest, it will be donated to a local food bank.

When you arrive on the farm, there will be two tables: One is for CSA distribution and the other is the farm stand. Please go to the CSA distribution table and check in. You can then select your produce from the previous evening’s harvest.


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