Transplanting Fiesta

It’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend, and there are lots of on-the-farm volunteer opportunities. You can either dig in the dirt at the Red Hook Community Farm or go for an adventure and work the plot on Governor’s Island. Details are below in the lovely note from Ian Marvy, co-founder and executive director of Added Value.

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“Spring is in full swing. The peas are blossoming, our new bees are pollinating and the garlic scapes are being harvested. Our crops are making it into the kitchens at restaurant iCi and the Good Fork, with more partners joining us in the next two weeks. The Red Hook Farmers’ Market will open on June 19th!

Now as we enter June and the temperatures are starting to push 90 degrees our tomato and pepper plants are getting on the ferry and heading out to Governors’ Island to be planted on our Farm there this weekend. We’d like to ask you to come and join us for a transplanting fiesta this weekend.


Friday 9-1
Saturday 10-4
Help Kristen, Jonah and our Youth Leadership Team get the summer crops in

Saturday 11-4
Sunday 11-4
It’s our first work day, come out to the island for opening weekend and  help Shayna and Ian with by prepping the fields, transplanting crops and sowing our field of flowers.

If you’d like to get involved in a deeper way please visit the Employment section of our website as we still have a number of positions open.

Motivated by the power of the sun
and the potential of the young,

The whole AV family

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