Alaskan salmon CSA

Come here little fishies!

I fished with my dad when I was little. We caught rainbows and cutthroats in the hills of Colorado. He still keeps a photo of me, with my first fish, in his wallet.  Of course, he did most of the catching.


I would pet the fish and kiss them and apologize to them before my cowboy dad smacked them on the head with a pocket knife and made them dinner. (We fished to help provide food through the winter.)

It turns out, Red Hook Winery’s Christopher Nicolson also did a fair bit of fishing with his dad. He’s a third-generation family fisherman from Alaska.

He’ll be back there this summer, and he’s offering a share of his salmon catch: $198 for 12 pounds of wild Alaskan salmon.

Pick up is being handled by the Brooklyn Kitchen and will happen around Labor Day.

It’s not cheaper than Fairway, but it’s  not more expensive, either.  Plus you know the, errr, farmer.

And you never know: Maybe he kisses his fishes, too.


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  1. Thank you so much for mentioning my family’s little wild sockeye salmon CSA. One note: it was my mother who brought the family into the fishing business (she hired my dad, actually, to fish for her:).

    And I do occasionally kiss the fish…

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