2015 CSA Season

Hey everyone! A new season begins on the farm this weekend. Come pick up your first share on Saturday, June 20, between 10am and 1pm. If you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time! Go to http://bit.ly/redhookCSA2015 for more information about this year’s shares. See you on the farm!

Harvest Fest is Coming! Save the Date, October 25

Harvest Fest 2014

This year’s Harvest Fest is just a few weeks away. We’re looking forward to gathering the community for a fun day of food, music, and hanging out in the pumpkin patch. We need volunteers for everything from putting up flyers in the neighborhood to playing music on the farm during the event. Let us know how you can contribute! Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Saturday, October 25th from 10am – 4pm
The Red Hook Community Farm
Halleck St. between Columbia & Otsego
(across the street from Ikea)

Farm Update!

The farm is in full swing as we reach mid-summer. Crops planted at the beginning of the season are coming to fruition. Last week we were able to harvest cucumbers, mustard greens, pole beans, onions and turnips. Some of the beds in the field have been re-tilled and seeded for a second crop. We had a good amount of rain so plants are – for the most part – well watered. Soil conditions are not optimal but better than last year and able to yield produce. The youth team has been enthusiastically engaged with learning and helping with farm work. Say hi and give them a pat on the back when you come to pick up your veggies. What you should incorporate into your meals this week: basil!

Pics From July 9 Potluck

Thanks to everyone who came out for our first event of the season! Here are a couple of pictures from the July 9 potluck.

Summer youth preparing zucchini and collards via hot plates powered by the solar panels on the farm for the July 9 CSA potluck . Knife is a bit sinister looking but it's a chef at work.

Summer youth preparing zucchini and collards via hot plates powered by the solar panels on the farm for the July 9 CSA potluck . Knife is a bit sinister looking but it’s a chef at work.


2014 Contracts Now Available!

Hello Red Hook CSAers,

It is time, at long last, for contracts for the 2014 season!! Thank you so much for bearing with us as we dealt with the transformations at Added Value. The interim Executive Director, Dart Westphal, board members, and the core CSA team are working hard on the planning and organizing and are 100% committed to having an excellent 2014 season full of delicious food.

The contract is available here for you to sign up: Regular Share 2014. Due to the added nuances of changing management this year, we can only offer regular shares (no work shares, or low income shares for now), but they will be available in both small and large. If you have received a low-income share in the past, please email us and we can determine the best route since we are dedicated to trying to keep everyone involved.

The season will be starting soon — really soon!– so please get your contract back to us along with payment ASAP!!

This year, similar to last year, the CSA will be sourced through a combination of awesome Added Value produce when it is available (probably starting mid-season), and a local farmer from within the tri-state area. We will be providing detailed info on the farmer supplying us. Many thanks to the Added Value team that is currently planting, digging, and getting our harvest underway.

We are offering : veggie share, fruit share, cheese share through Ann Saxelby, and an egg share. Please note this year’s cheese share will have two options, large and small. The large share will receive (2) 1/3 lb cheese for $16/wk, and the small will receive (1) 1/3 lb cheese for $8/wk.

Season dates : June 21st – FIRST PICKUP through November 15th LAST PICKUP

Regarding payments

this year you will have 2 options:
1) pay all at once
2) two payments, one now, one mid season (august)

HOW TO MAKE Payments :
1. Paypal : https://www.epkdesign.com/addedvalue/donateform.php
2. check mailed to : Red Hook CSA PO Box 310028, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Regarding signed contracts :
Dates due for signed contracts and first payment :
+ Returning members have until JUNE 13th,
+ Waitlist has until JUNE 13th
+ CSA opens to all thereafter until we are full.

HOW TO RETURN Signed contracts :
1. email to redhookbkcsa@gmail.com (preferable)
2. mailed with payment to the address above


Regarding volunteer hours :
Each share requires volunteer hours to help the farm run more smoothly. We are doing things a bit differently this year. The share volunteer hours will be completed by manning the distribution table approx. ONE saturday during the season. This will depend on how many shareholders we get, it may need to be more than ONE, to be determined. If you have a Saturday already in mind, please email the date with your contract.

We will have a welcoming event the week soon after the first pick up. More details to come soon.

All the best
The CSA Core Group : Gita, Abby, Cristina, Erika, Tracy, Caleb

Farmer’s Note and Update on the 2014 Season

Dear Friends, Neighbors and Shareholders,

What an exciting time. Spring has really sprung. And on this blustery day I wanted to share a bit of news with you. Thanks in large part to support from the City and your on-the-ground stewardship, we spent much of 2013 rebuilding. I’m happy to report that the Red Hook Community Farm has been rebuilt.

The reinvigoration of the Farm (designed by Gita Nandan and her colleagues at ThreadCollective) has increased growing space, provided us with the new solar array, and radically expanded infrastructure for our Community Composting Program. With this improved infrastructure we have the opportunity to grow more food and a greater diversity of crops, expand programming, build new systems (such as rain water harvesting systems) and reestablish the Farm as a model for sustainable development while helping Red Hook shrink its environmental footprint, expanding economic development and improving the employment potential for young adults in our community.

You, our past and present CSA Shareholders, have been and continue to be a very special part of the extended Added Value community, and we are excited to begin the 2014 season with the following news.

This year in addition to running our Youth Empowerment Program, the Urban Farm Corps, and our Farm Based Learning Programs, we have established the following goals for the Farm:

· Reestablish a minimum of one acre of agricultural growing space

· Grow 7-10 tons of produce

· Diversify crops

· Install fruit crops to diversity flora and fauna on the farm

· Reintegrate apiculture (bees) into the farm

· Pilot a small chicken operation with an eye towards implementation in 2015

· Hire a Food Systems/Marketing Coordinator to run the RHFM, RHCSA and Restaurant Partnerships

· Engage 1000 volunteers

· Host the Red Hook Harvest Festival

This will allow us to:

· Reestablish the market as a source of healthy locally grown food stuff for 200 regular customers, representing the diversity of the neighborhood, and reinvigorate the space as a place for community gatherings

What does this mean for the CSA?

· We’re going to return to 50 full shares this year!

· We will have sliding scale, work shares and special project shares

· We are seeking your input. Please take this survey, https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/8D9M2DY, by Friday April 4th.

· Your response will help guide us in our plans to diversify product offerings to the market and CSA with the potential of bringing bread, grains, legumes, meat coffee, and honey.

· Contracts will be circulated to returning members by April 14th. Those on the wait list will receive contracts no later that the 28th, with the CSA opening up to the general public soon there after.

We hope to have you all back for the 2014 season!

All best,

Ian and the CSA core group


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